Summer on the islands ... Sea, sun, relax...

And ZEUS D enrich your experiences ... Departure every morning at 10:00 from Mandraki -  Rhodes, tempts you to conquer the amazing coastline, the coastal beauties and makes you speechless, with short getaway in beautiful, neoclassical settlement of Symi ... The idyllic beach of Agios Georgios, with its crystal-clear sea, teaches you to dive and see the sea bottom with its glittering gems. 




Make this summer unique and live the luxury, wich  ZEUS D offers to you.

Organized  group and individual trips, wedding ceremonies and parties. Relax and have fun! Spend Taste cool juices, refreshments, frozen beer, hot and cold coffee, ice creams, snacks, sandwiches! Love life, travel, destination. During your return, keep your last wonderful memory until you travel again with us.

This is the summer you love! ZEUS D and we depart!